Email isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Hence the reason Google released its newest play on email, Inbox, to make email look and feel more like text messaging. Until we know if that’s going to pan out, there are plenty of ways to get more out your Gmail, Outlook, and maybe even your Lotus Notes account. Let’s take a look at 3 email tips for each:


1) Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts: What do you do to make a new email? Do you hit the compose button? Are you looking for reply at the end of that long email thread?

Hitting C or Shift + C will open up a new message automatically! Shift + C opens a message in a new window, C opens a message up in the current window. Just make sure your Keyboard Shortcuts are enabled under Settings.

For a list of comprehensive shortcuts, Press Shift + ? when in Gmail.

2) Undo Send: Ever want to take back that email you just sent? Maybe you forgot a subject or caught a typo. Either way, Gmail giveth and Gmail letteth you taketh away.

Here’s how it works:

3) Labels: Do you have over 500 emails in your inbox? Looking for ways to get them out of there? Welcome to Labels in Gmail. Making labels helps you break down the mess that is an inbox into more manageable parts, helping you focus on what’s important. For instance, you can use them to sort emails by sender (coworkers, team members) or by subject (Dashboard Project, HR notifications).

Here’s how to add a label:


1) Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts: CTRL+R to reply to a message

CTRL+SHIFT+M create a message

2) Rules: You can use rules to filter messages from certain people. If you tell Outlook what’s important and what’s not, it can filter out ads, spam, and junk mail to keep your inbox clean and your day more productive.

Here’s how it works:

3) Inbox Space: Running out of room on your outlook account? Outlook, by default, stores your sent messages as well as the one’s you’ve received. Clean out the sent folder periodically to free up some storage, and bring your account back to life

Lotus Notes

1) Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts: CTRL+M lets you create a message anywhere in Lotus Notes

2) Quick Routes: Now, imagine a slightly older looking version of Rules in Outlook. Wait! Someone at Lotus Notes already did that for you! It’s called Quick Routes and it also helps you filter out the noise in your inbox.

Right click the email you’d like to add a rule for and select Quick Routes.

From this screen you can select who sends you the most relevant emails and move them to a certain folder. You can also select promotional emails and move them to a different folder. A solid way of cleaning out any inbox.

3) Get rid of the you’ve got mail sound.  It’s under File and Preferences. Then click the Mail icon. Depending on the version you use, you then click Receiving, or General, and deselect the check boxes next to the alerts. So go ahead, turn it off now! Please. For everyone’s sake.

Bonus Tip: Switch to Gmail. Fine, you can’t really do this one, but man, is the Lotus email client clunky.