Whether you’re recording videos for your LMS, distance learning software, or online learning resources, good content is key. Here are three tips to create better training videos.

1) Use a blend of text and video.

Video works best for communicating visual concepts. So if it’s simpler to show something than to explain it, like in the image below, then video is an ideal option.

Training Video advantages

If you need to explain the geometric rules of a circle, use text, but if you just want to get the concept across fast, quickly draw one up.The same principle goes for video; strip your videos down to the visual aspects of your lesson, and if there’s a lot of explaining to be done, you’re probably better off using a blend of video and text.

2) Allow viewers to speed up training video playback on demand.

This is the most important point. The easiest way to ensure your learners appreciate your training content is to give them the option to quickly skip over content they already know or don’t find relevant. Let’s face it, the average person can read a lot faster than someone can speak in a video, and it’s so painful to watch a video that’s going too slow! Use a video player with various video playback speeds so your learners can quickly get to the relevant information they’re looking for.

3) Don’t answer every question you can think of

One of people’s main complaints about training videos is that they’re too long, the easiest way to avoid a drawn out video is to stick to the essentials and leave the questions to Q&A. This helps your video stay engaging and relevant to the majority of your audience.

I may have to make an overview video for our new CRM, and when doing so, it’s going to be tempting to answer too much. My learners need to know where to log in, how to change their profile picture, where to access the contacts, how many sales we expect from them, which days are best to follow up, how many follow ups to schedule in advance…woah! If you answer all of these, your video is going to be an hour long, and no one will watch it.

Keep it short and simple, and keep it to what they need to know right away, and let the rest come as they need it.

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