When the calendar flipped to October recently, I could hardly believe it. Another year has nearly passed us by. With a new slate of 12 months on the calendar ahead of us, that means there will be new (and some renewed) trends popping up in the world of web videos for business. At Demo Duck, we lovevideo – producing it, writing about it, or reading up on it -so we wanted to share our 6 predictions for online video in 2016.

1) Mobile will only continue to increase

Given that mobile viewing has increased 367 percent over the past two years this isn’t exactly a unique thought but it’s something for businesses to consider to be sure. Whether it’s how you show graphics (or if you do), the aspect ratio you shoot your video (more on that later), or the sound design – you need to make sure the video you’re producing is enjoyable on the small(est) screen.

The videos will also need to be short as mobile viewers are even more likely to click (or tap) away from a video only a few seconds after it begins on screen.They are watching these videos on the go and the surrounding distractions are heightened compared to those viewing your video at a desk. Now, speaking of that screen and the aspect ratio…

 2) Vertical video is here for the long haul   

What was once seen as a blasphemous way of recording video has now become more popular than ever. Also, with the ability to shoot in 4K on the iPhone 6S, there is no reason to think people won’t shoot more videos vertically than ever before in 2016.

There is no doubt that Snapchat has been the driving factor for vertical video rise in popularity (they are also the ones sharing a lot of the stats on this trend), but there is a lot to be said about people being hesitant to turn their phone to watch video. The extent of how people will use this unique screen layout in their productions remains to be seen.

3) Ads will feel less like ads   

Companies are doing their best to avoid being skipped, which means ads will need to feel more like stories and less like commercials in order to survive. Because as soon as most viewers get a whiff of that dreaded “salesy” tone they often click away or past the video.

Also, more native advertising and advertorials will continue to deceive some viewers who think it’s part of a site’s content, not realizing it’s actually a paid ad. There is a bit of controversy over this method of marketing, but it seems that it may continue to rise until it’s proven ineffective enough to get canned.

4) Interactive videos will help us tap into the future   

Whether it’s hacking YouTube annotations or using interactive platforms, like Rapt Media, we believe that more brands will focus on getting people to interact with their video.The studies show that if you can get people to click along as your video progresses they are more likely to stick around for 5% longer (which is a lot of time given how much online video people watch).

Companies are finding really innovative ways to make videos more participative, so if you have been wanting to give it a shot, 2016 is a great time to put some of these kinds of videos out. Also, don’t forget you can add annotations to a lot of video hosting platforms to get those click-throughs where you need them.

5) More content in unexpected places   

With the ability for nearly anyone to shoot footage and the rise amazing tool like ilos – the ways that businesses can create content is rapidly growing. From video FAQ answers to video “About Us” pages – videos will make things more easily understood (or relatable) in more places.

We recently discussed some lesser known ways that companies can use video because we were inspired by what we’d seen as of late from companies like Basecamp. So we’re definitely excited to see what the new year brings and the creative locations people put their business videos.

6) Crank up the fun, drown out the anger   

The internet, sadly, is becoming more and more known as a place of rampant negativity. Brands have, and most likely will continue, to do their best to combat these bad vibes by putting as much positivity as they can out there through their videos.

It’s not that companies ever wanted to perpetuate negative feelings before but they seem to be more aware that it’s time to move away from being mysterious and towards coming across upbeat and downright playful. Demo Duck is definitely a champion of this positive attitude movement – now who wants a hug?


Now this list is by no means exhaustive but we feel quite strongly these trends will be even more visible in corporate videos given 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. Whether it’s a large company or a small startup, video continues to prove itself as a valuable tool and 2016 will surely see a lot more ingenuity in how, where, and what is produced!