Enliven your videos with music!

Although very helpful, screen recording tutorials and onscreen explainer videos can be dull. Adding music to your video can make a huge difference. The problem is that, traditionally, adding music to a video is a tedious and  time-consuming process. First you need to find the right sound, then download the audio track, then overlay it in a video editor, then upload it to a site where you can host it. And guess what? If you want to try a different audio track on your video, you’ll need to repeat the whole process! We decided to streamline the process of adding music to just a couple clicks.

When to add music:

  • Explainer video

Don’t have the money to hire a whole video crew to make an animated explainer video? No problem, start with something reasonable. Showing your software in action with a voice-over and background music gets the job done. To make it even more professional, add an intro and outro with your company’s logo and you will save money and time.

  • Videos made for multiple people

When it comes to public videos, throwing in music is a win-win. Your video is much more likely to be watched, and  you’ll feel proud hearing your voice behind elegant music!

  • FAQ or Help Desk Videos

Clean up your Help Desk and FAQ page with helpful tutorial videos. Adding music will improve the view rate and will get your FAQ or Help Desk page ahead of the game.

When not to add music:

  • Personalized tutorial videos

If you are making a specific tutorial video to a customer, adding music might not be the best idea. One reason screencast tutorials are so cool is that they are personal. If a customer receives a screencast with music, it might not seem like it was made just for him or her.

  • Short, quick videos

Background music was made for long tutorials or explainer videos that you need someone to watch. If your video isn’t over 15 seconds, it won’t be as effective as you may think. Plus, background music in a short video can seem a little tacky.


Now that we know some of when to use background music, let’s learn how to put it in!

How to add music to your screen recording

If you do not use ilos, and want to try it out for free click here, we would love to have you on board!  Once you have recorded a video, you only have one step left! We have picked great background music and installed it for you, all you need to do is pick your favorite tune. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.