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Mortenson Streamlines Video Training with Over 1,300 Crowdsourced Videos

In just six months, Mortenson employees have created over 1,300 videos to streamline training for employees in the field. These “How To” and safety training videos, created using the new ilos Guest Recorder, have already received over 30,000 views from employees in the field. Jake Turner from the Mortenson training unit, details the rapid increase of video usage in the field, and how ilos has changed the way one of biggest private construction companies in the US is delivering training content nationwide.

Mortenson is a nationwide construction company with approximately 5,000 employees whose mission is: We are inspired by a compelling purpose: Building structures and facilities for the advancement of modern society.® Our purpose is fulfilled through our mission: To create an exceptional customer experience.

The Situation

Video wasn’t a new concept for delivering training material at Mortenson. Like many companies, video was already being utilized on a small scale within pockets of the company. A true enterprise rollout had always been the goal, but limitations of the video platforms available presented a number of challenges.

1. Ease of Use

Creating new content for their video platform was time-consuming and often required extensive training for those who weren’t already “experts” in video. Viewing any of the content required a separate username and password for every employee. Both resulted in low employee adoption.

2. Security and Content Management

Until videos were uploaded to the enterprise video platform, management had no control over how employee’s shared their self-generated video content. Videos were often left on the employee’s local hard drive or hosted across various third party applications.

3. Delivery

Employees were tired of juggling several usernames/passwords to simply watch the required training material. Work forces spread out across the nation require the flexibility to watch training material anywhere on any device.

“There is a huge process that needs to happen in order to share a video where everyone can access it, while keeping it secured. After evaluating many video platforms, we found that ilos has a streamlined, easy, and effective way to share knowledge through video.”

Jake Turner

Digital Learning Lead, Mortenson Construction

Criteria for evaluation

  • Simplicity – Employees are not experts in video creation and don’t have time to learn a complex software.
  • Open Search – Employees need to be able to find the videos anywhere within in the portal/intranet.
  • Distribution – Employees are spread across the globe using every device and browser imaginable and need to be able to view the content on any device.
  • Security – The platform must have security capabilities to prevent unauthorized sharing of secure content.
  • Delivery – Must support both field and enterprise connections, as well as their use cases.

Why ilos?

  • Try before you buy – ilos gave Mortenson the chance to pilot without a hefty price tag. They were able to prove the concept with a concentrated group and confirm adoption before rolling out to the entire enterprise.
  • Flexibility – For instance, the Open Search API allowed Mortenson to make videos accessible in the applications that employees were already using like the Mortenson intranet search results etc.
  • Security – With ilos, Mortenson is able to restrict content access not only to employees, but also to specific groups within the organization such as solar or wind.
  • Ease of access – The entire Mortenson team can access their video content on any device while logged in with their Mortenson credentials via ilos’s Single-Sign-On.


ilos has streamlined the process of creating and managing video content for the crew at Mortenson. Before ilos, video content lived in 8 different platforms including Box and Office 365. Now most of their video content is centralized on ilos. New content is automatically uploaded to ilos where management has granular-level control over how employees are able to distribute that content.

Open Search allows Mortenson employees to search the intranet for ANY relevant video content!

Mobile capabilities enable field workers to quickly update managers on progress and alleviate any bottlenecks they encounter. Without leaving the office managers are able to get a status check on each site to see how the team is tracking with the plan. The solar team ran into an issue installing a solar panel and was able to quickly find the solution searching the intranet for a video. Now it’s like the entire solar team is there in the field!

Mortenson is harnessing the knowledge of their SME’s both in the office and the field with ilos. What separates the top performers from the greenhorns? Experience. ilos enables the Mortenson team to capture and distribute that experience to the entire organization, which ultimately improves the performance of everyone.

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During the Mortenson pilot, ilos quickly demonstrated that it was the enterprise video platform of choice for employees. Nearly 90 employees across the globe were already using ilos organically within the first couple months. Mortenson chose to make ilos its enterprise video platform and deploy globally immediately after completing their three month pilot. Since the initial roll out, over 1,300 videos have been made by Mortenson employees and the platform has over 1,300 active users. These videos have been played over 31,000 times. Jake Turner used this example to illustrate employee reactions to the video platform: “When I show employees how ilos streamlines the video process, I see a sense of relief in their face. They say, Thank goodness, this is something that actually works.