Meet Constance-Marie – Training Coordinator at SalesLoft, a startup in Atlanta GA experiencing skyrocket growth. After just a 20 minute phone call, it was easy to see what makes Constance a good fit for a customer facing position at a company like SalesLoft: she’s energetic, happy, knowledgeable, concise, and clear.  A perfect mix of these things must make for a pretty low-stress call when you’re looking for help.

Constance uses ilos just about every day for her visual communication, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s take a look at all she does throughout the day, and how we help out:

Location: Atlanta, GA
Current Work: Training Coordinator
One word that describes how you work: Efficiently
Industry: Sales Software


Work related applications She can’t live without:


workplace apps


What does your day-to-day work consist of?

Everyday I can expect to run several Training Calls which walk our clients through how to use our software. This usually includes new clients who are just getting started along with people who have actively used our product but want to dive deeper into features and use cases.

The other big thing that I do is manage the SalesLoft Knowledge Base Content. Which consists of updating our Help Center, FAQ Page, and Process Articles.


How does ilos fit into all of that?

I use ilos practically everyday at work for a variety of tasks. Primarily, ilos is extremely useful in creating and updating our Knowledge Base articles. Instead of just having a text walkthrough, I use ilos to generate step-by-step .gifs, which is such a value add to our customers because it allows them to see exactly how a process works in a matter of seconds.

We’re also big on collaboration at SalesLoft, and ilos makes it really simple to collaborate with the support and product development team. I often use ilos to quickly generate .gifs that one our support members can then send to customers who have a question about how a process works. We also use ilos to capture bugs and then send the video over to our product team, so they can see exactly what is malfunctioning and quickly work to resolve it.


Do you use ilos along with your existing applications?

Yes! When answering Support Tickets, we send videos primarily through Zendesk. Internally, we use Slack which is usually where we send tutorial videos to other colleagues within SalesLoft. And of course, Gmail and other common mediums.


How are clients responding to Video?

Sales people really value their time, so providing these visuals has taken away a lot of wasted time trying to explain a simple process like where to click.

Clients have really responded well to the visual walkthrough of our software. we have noticed that when we use GIFs instead of just text, we receive fewer follow up questions. Our clients love the fact that they can follow along and see exactly where to click on their screen.

constance text graphic

What pain-point does ilos solve?

Being able to show customers exactly how our software works and answer their questions using ilos videos and .gifs drives adoption and helps increase customer engagement.

Another is that In this day and age, just about everyone is using a screen capture program and ilos is simple and fast to use.  The quick editing makes our GIFs look very professional and that really separates ilos from other screen capture tools I have used.

What other tools like this did you use before ilos?

I used to use licecap, another screen capture tool that my co-workers were using when I came here. When I found ilos, I couldn’t believe how user friendly it was along with the simple, effective editing tools. I switched over to ilos and I don’t plan on switching back anytime soon!

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

SalesLoft is a an action-packed, fast-paced work environment, and we’re all about efficiency. ilos fits in perfectly because it’s simple to use, allows me to push out polished content at lightening speed and puts more time back in my day to spend improving our training content and supporting our great customers!

On behalf of everyone here at ilos, we would like to thank Constance for being such a great customer! Keep rocking the Training at SalesLoft!