Improve adoption by recording tailored video content for your customers

“Our customers love to see the step-by-step visual guide with ilos over, say, bullet points of text. It has been a great way to help customers to use our product. ”
-Jon Ketcher, Customer Success Manager

Give the power of video to your customers

Onboard faster with videos

Don’t have your customers let your software go to waste

See exactly how your customers are engaging with your content

Professor sending a link to a student, the student returns a video

Give the power of video to your customers

  • With our out of the box API, you can embed the record button right into your ticketing system, or send a link that launches the ilos guest recorder
  • Your customers can show exactly what’s on their screen without an account, and the video is sent directly to you.

Get customers up-to-speed faster with onboarding videos showing their exact use case

  • Your CSMs can show exactly how to get started with step-by-step walkthroughs powered by ilos. Capture your screen or even get your webcam in the mix to add a more personal touch
  • Instantly show that you’re talking to that customer with tailored thumbnails to cut through inbox noise
ilos main dashboard showing a record button, folders along the left side, and six onboarding videos
ilos recording modal in front of a video playback page

Don’t let your customers have your software go to waste

  • Create custom videos to highlight deeper features and unlock that hidden value for your customers
  • Communicate the value you provide in a quick video that your champion can easily send on to decision makers

See exactly how your customers are engaging with your content

  • Track who is viewing your content to see what parts of your product people want to learn more about
  • Get detailed reports on video engagement and how much time ilos saved your customer success team this week
ilos video analytics graph showing video engagement

“ilos took something typically complex and costly and made it beautifully simple."

Jake Holman, Product Management, Zendesk