Allow customers to report issues using video

“The ease of installation for all our support agents was hands down the easiest deployment I’ve handled.”
Joseph Nguyen, Support Analyst,


Customer recording

Integrate with your current software


Reduce ticket escalations

Customer recording

  • Reduce time to resolution by eliminating lengthy email threads and live video chat meetings.
  • Lower language barriers and remove time zone factors by allowing the customer to submit videos of their problems on their time.
Professor sending a link to a student, the student returns a video
See the Guest Recorder in action!

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Integrates with your current software

  • Embed the ilos guest recorder in your ticketing software or customer portal and be up and running within one hour.
  • Provide another communication channel to your customers within their ticket to help them feel heard.

Reduce ticket escalations

  • Video recordings more accurately communicate customer experience rather than text and screenshots, helping eliminate miscommunication.
  • Reduce discovery time and increase satisfaction by capturing all of the information the first time.
Support ticket escalated through three employees

Learn more about the Screen Recording Integration for Your Support Ticketing System

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See how HelpSystems reduced ticket resolution times by implementing customer video recording.

“It was really easy for us to implement the API. I sent it to the developer of the customer web portal and within an hour he was able to get it embedded, mock it up, and show me the screen the customers would use.”

Heather Beck, VP of Global Support,