Staying on top of your emails should be easy, especially with the new apps out there. Here are 3 Email Productivity Tips that will help you run your email like a pro.

Tip 1: Timing is Critical

When sending an email, if you aren’t coming in at the top of the inbox you might as well be at the bottom. That’s why timing is so important. In fact, messages sent between 6 – 7AM are more likely to get replies. That’s because emails sent late at night become cluttered with all the others waiting for your recipient in the morning.  So how do we stay on top?

Scheduling emails with Apps like Streak (which I highly recommend) and Boomerang (which will harass you until you subscribe) make this process a breeze.

Here’s how Streak works: (Embed video)

Now you know how to schedule emails. But one tool does not make an email productivity ninja!

Tip 2: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

One reason emails can be so overwhelming and time-consuming is that we tend to focus on the wrong messages instead of developing a system.

Every email has three categories: Important, Actionable, Timely. If an email is important it has a strong WIFM (What’s in it for me), if it’s actionable you can do something about it, and if it’s timely you can respond right then and there.

Here is a visual to help you understand:


email productivity


Now you might be thinking “If only my email scheduling app could help me with this”. Streak does just that giving you options to categorize your messages along with easy ways to track things down.

If you can follow these rules then your inbox will be under control in no time, assuming you had some time to begin with!

Tip 3: Creating time to reply

A lot of times our days are too busy to keep up with our inbox. An easy way to free up more email time is to end meetings 10 minutes early. Schedule 20-minute sessions instead of 30, or 50 min instead of an hour. This allows you to stay on top of your work.

I first heard of these tips from Mark Suster’s blog, but here’s the caveat, if you don’t get a lot of important emails it may not make sense to try and shorten up all your meetings.


There you have it, I hope these email productivity tips help you out. Now it’s time to clear your inbox and show those incoming messages who’s boss!