photo by alex vu

We think about the sorry state of training. How embarrassingly bad customer support is. How much of education is frozen in time. And we ask the question: Is ilos screen recording starting a revolution?

Revolutions start with small changes. New viewpoints and perspectives. Better ways of doing things. And by the time the big events happen, a lot has already changed below the surface.

Training has become expensive, cumbersome, inefficient – where millions of people sit in classrooms or in front of screens, bored out of their minds. Being told things they already know. Hungering to learn but not offered what they really need to know.

Customer support is the stuff of late night comedy. “Help” screens that do anything but help. Phone or email suggestions that fail to enlighten. Customer service people struggling to answer the same questions over and over again, but without the tools they need.

Education is still mired in methods developed in the Middle Ages. Long lectures from a person at a podium. Or even worse, hours of live or recorded video – unsearchable and unorganized.

ilos screen recording

Imagine new employees who seek out what they need to learn, find it easily, and see how it’s done. Imagine customer service reps who quickly make videos that show customers how to take care of a problem. Imagine students who find the knowledge they need, when they need it, without having to search through a long lecture on video.

Imagine 50,000 users improving their world, hundreds of times a year. Adding up to millions of small improvements. A company whose better trained workforce makes them more competitive. A customer support department that truly helps customers and runs more efficiently. A school where students learn better, and faster.

Is this the start of a revolution? Perhaps. It’s up to you. A revolution is clearly needed, one that improves communications while respecting individual dignity and intelligence. But it won’t be our revolution, it will be yours.