ilos: A Smart Kaltura Alternative


When getting started with Kaltura, it’s clear that the product was designed to be heavily customized and built around the open-source model. However, providing this level of customization across multiple products comes at a cost. The process of creating and sharing a single video within Kaltura is fragmented. First, as a user, you begin in CaptureSpace to record your video. Then, the user moves the video to the Kaltura Management Console to make any edits. From there, the user sends the video to Mediaspace to host and stream the video. Bouncing around to various applications makes managing video content challenging and time consuming. As a Kaltura alternative, ilos takes a fundamentally different approach to content creation and management. ilos controls the process from start to finish so you never have to leave the application, simplifying the entire content creation and sharing process.

See how ilos stacks up

Chart comparing the features of Kaltura and ilos video platforms

Rapid Content Creation

Faculty need a solution that empowers them to create and share video content within minutes. ilos enables faculty to create and share content from day one by significantly reducing the time and number of steps (clicks) required. Kaltura is built around creating professional content, a process that takes considerable time and technical skill. However, faculty lack the hours or days required to learn the complex processes around video management. 

Graph showing less clicks with ilos than Kaltura

Essential Editing Features

ilos provides key editing features designed for general course content that Kaltura simply does not. Kaltura allows users to trim and/or chop the beginning and end of a video file. This is perfect if you’ve recorded a lecture and only want to cut out the beginning or end of class. However, the rest of your video content edits will need to be made in multiple areas of the video, not simply the beginning or end. 

Example of video blurred with ilos

Blur Confidential Information

Blur out confidential or student information to maintain FERPA compliance
ilos interface for trimming and chopping video

Intuitive Trimming

Trim ANY part of your video, not just the beginning or end
ilos interface for restoring previous versions

Version Control

Non-destructive edits so you’ll always have your original video

Edits on ilos are made to the original video file so video quality isn’t lost during the editing process. What’s the best part about editing with ilos? Everything is cloud based. This means your videos will update automatically even if they have already been shared. ilos also gives you the ability to re-record or replace videos without changing any links or embed codes.

Mobile Recording and Video Playback

ilos also allows faculty and students to record videos using their phones and tablets, not just their computer. Whether it’s an instructor recording a quick intro to their class, or a student recording a 30-second elevator pitch, the ilos mobile app uploads their videos directly to the cloud to be shared. No more headaches from students submitting video files via email, Drive, Dropbox, or flash drives. One area Kaltura most evidently struggles is mobile. The Kaltura video player requires flash, which means the video player will not play back on mobile devices without complicated development work. In addition, Kaltura has yet to give faculty and students the ability to record with their mobile devices. The ilos video player uses HTML 5 instead of flash, enabling it to work on all devices, including mobile. 

ilos app on Android and Apple phones

“ilos is the easiest video capture and playback platform we have ever come across.”

Lisa Burke, Director, Office of Instructional Innovation,
St. Thomas Opus College of Business

One-Click Closed Captioning

Why are media management and closed captioning licensed separately? ilos includes closed-captioning in the contract as part of media management. With ilos, requesting captions  is ridiculously simple. Any video will be captioned within 24 hours with 99% accuracy to maintain Section 508 compliance. Kaltura can cover this component with REACH, but they license the feature separately at an additional cost, and the best turn-around time you can get is 48 hours. The most-apparent alternative would involve working with a 3rd party vendor, which requires licensing this vendor and setting up an additional integration.

Highlighting closed captioning feature on ilos video player


ilos completely eliminates this issue. ilos includes everything in our contracts, which start at $1,000 / month. This includes unlimited storage and access for 100 faculty members and all their students.  Kaltura uses the á la carte pricing model. Each component you add to your contract creates an additional cost. This includes features like video capture, greater storage capacity and closed-captioning. The á la carte model makes budgeting for a video solution extremely difficult because guessing how much storage and captioning you will need is almost impossible. At ilos, we don’t think using the á la carte model for a video platform makes sense when video capture, storage, and closed captioning are native parts of the platform.

ilos is a less expensive Kaltura alternative

Ready to use out of the Box, with a powerful API if you need it

ilos is ready to go the moment you sign up, so faculty can begin creating and managing video content instantly. There is no in-depth setup/deployment to get started because every feature is native to the ilos platform. If you’re looking for customized workflows or setups, you have full access to ilos’ robust API. Getting up and running with Kaltura is a heavily-involved process. Mediaspace requires setup with your LMS, and the recorder needs additional integration with Mediaspace, as it isn’t a native part of the platform. After everything is set up, you’ll then need to create support documentation for your faculty and staff.

Three gears next to the API logo

"The ilos team has been very responsive and great to work with. Set up was quick and painless. Training has been a breeze and I’m getting great feedback from the faculty that are using it.”

Andrew Feldstein, Associate VP Learning Technologies Group,
Fort Hays State University

Dedicated 1-on-1 support for EVERY faculty member

ilos focuses on doing a few things very well, creating less complexities and fewer support tickets. Lower ticket volume in a higher level of support via in-app chat, phone, video chat, etc. for all of your faculty, not just the administrators.

Three of ilos' support representatives within a chat box

A More Robust Video Player

Students grew up with YouTube and are used to viewing on any device and adjusting video playback speed. As a YouTube and Kaltura alternative, the ilos video player combines the familiar feel of YouTube with the ability to enforce strict permissions on video content. With ilos, students can control the pace they consume or review course content. This caters to every learner and provides a familiar viewing experience. The Kaltura video player’s functionality is limited on these fronts as it does not allow variable playback speed. The Kaltura player also requires flash, therefore cannot playback on mobile. 

A play button followed by multiple playback speeds

Guest Recorder

ilos simplifies the student recording experience by simply sending them a link, rather than students setting up their own accounts. There is no download required when recording from a mobile device since ilos records directly through the native camera application on your phone. The video is then automatically uploaded to the cloud for faculty to review. The process is similar on a laptop/desktop, except a quick download automatically prompts before the recorder launches. Again, the video is uploaded automatically after recording. For students to record with Kaltura, they need to setup their own account. After this, students still don’t have the ability to record with their mobile devices.

A client sends a link to a customer and the customer returns a video

Keep videos up-to-date with Smart Sync

Updating video content across multiple courses in an LMS can be incredibly time-consuming. ilos enables faculty to update videos while keeping the same link and embed code. Users can make minor edits or replace an entire video, and ilos automatically updates to the new version wherever the video is embedded or shared across the web.

Videos pass between ilos and multiple other platforms

“ I am not the most tech savvy guy, but creating, sharing, and editing videos has never been this simple”

Sam Slagle, Sales,