Screenr Business closed yesterday marking an end to a solid run of screen recording.  Screenr had it’s issues (it used Java, which got blocked by Chrome earlier this year), but all in all it got the job done. That’s what a recorder is supposed to do! The scramble created by their departure has left many looking for a Screenr alternative..

Before we dive in too much on a Screenr alternative lets take a look at what they did really well.

Benefits of Screenr

Give the power to your users: By letting you put a record button anywhere you could step into your customer’s shoes and see their issue first hand. This made support a breeze and introduced the idea that video is a great way to share things. It worked because you could control where to put the recorder and who could access it.

One Click recording: It needs to be fast to get started and Screenr’s one click recording did just that. You hit the record button and before you knew it you were already making a video.

A place to put your content: You don’t just need a way to make videos, you need to away to get those videos to the people that need them. Screenr Business allowed you to see all the screen recordings that you had made and grab a quick link to share them

Any true Screenr alternative needs to match, if not exceed, these benefits. It also needs to avoid the major pitfall of Screenr.

Screenr Alternative


Screenr Alternative- What is ilos?


How can we help at ilos Videos?

In some senses we competed with Screenr Business, but we really view them as a player that helped shape the space, making quick video what it is today.

We’re looking to take quick video to a whole other level, but it’s only because players like Screenr Business paved the way.

That’s why if you had an existing Screenr Business Contract we’ll match your plan/price. All you need to do is send your info to and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fast Recording: ilos uses custom video compression, so your videos upload faster and are more lightweight.

Add a record button anywhere: With our API functionality you can put a record button on a help page or even right on your website. This allows your customers to provide quick visual feedback.

Easy referencing: ilos gives you a place where you and your team can view each other’s content. Hosting and storage happen automatically

*Update 11/5/15

Screenr closing

Screenr announced that it will be officially closing shop (not just Screenr business) on Nov 11th 2015. They made something really cool and are a big reason we wanted to get involved in online video.We are here to help with any transition and for the next month will match your Screenr plan.

Here’s the official announcement from Screenr’s home page.

Sadly, we’re retiring Screenr on November 11, 2015.

As you might already know, Screenr’s recording capability is based on Java RE (Runtime Environment), which is rapidly becoming antiquated. For example, Google Chrome doesn’t support Java RE anymore. So Screenr can’t run there. And on other browsers, Java support is also limited, causing constant problems for users.

Because we at Screenr pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience, these issues are simply unacceptable. And there’s no way around them.

If you’d like to download your videos, please do so before November 11th. After then, you will no longer be able to log into Screenr. However, all of your embedded videos and links to your videos will continue to work.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our services as much as we’ve enjoyed providing them to you.

The Screenr Team


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