We love our Mac users. And although the Windows recorder has been nothing but smooth since our launch in January, our Mac recorder has had its issues. We didn’t want to ignore it any longer. Over the last three months, we have been developing a brand new recording experience for Mac, starting from the ground up.

“Ridiculously simple screen recording” is a catchy phrase today because it’s difficult to find a recorder that actually holds up to that standard. This one does.

Don’t get too sad on us, Windows users; we love you too. But the last three months have been dedicated to Mac. With the ability to record, store, and share your videos in seconds, we are happy to announce the new ilos recorder for Mac.


Nick Stokman
CEO at ilos Videos

Our goals for the UI of the Mac recorder:

  • Simple interface to navigate
  • Organizing actions in appropriate locations
  • Having the recorder update with the new brand

Noticeable Changes from the Windows Recorder:

  • The settings option on the recorder has moved to your top tray bar.
  • The close and minimize buttons are found on the left side.
  • There is a webcam button to enable the Facetime Camera

We wanted to place the microphone and the webcam in the same place as the record button because these all relate to screen recording. The microphone and the webcam can both be adjusted.

In the top tray bar, you can adjust the webcam and the microphone as well as your preferences, such as countdown, saving videos locally, or automatically redirecting to ilos Videos.