Instantly Create Personalized Demo Videos to Accelerate Sales


“ I am not the most tech savvy guy, but creating, sharing, and editing videos has never been this simple”

Sam Slagle, Sales, SportsEngine


Sales Testimonial Video

Boost open rates by 19%


Improve click-through rates by 65%

Reduce unsubscribe rates by 26%

Stand out with personalized content

  • Ridiculously fast and simple video enables you to wrap up the sale.
  • Capture anything on your screen, answer questions on the demo.
  • Leverage custom thumbnails to boost engagement.
Single red video surrounded by multiple bland emails and text boxes
Video sent to your champion forwarded on to three decision makers

Demo with all the decision makers, every time

  • Record recap videos that can easily be shared as a link with other relevant decision makers.
  • Direct questions from other decision makers towards you and away from your companion by allowing them to easily give feedback and/or ask questions about content in your video.

Get insight / identify hot leads

  • Analytics – see how many times your video has been viewed by prospects.
  • Generate “Trackable Links” to see exactly who plays your video and who doesn’t.
  • Email notifications – get real-time notifications when a relevant prospect watches your video.
List of three video thumbnails next to the titles, creator and other info

“ilos took something typically complex and costly and made it beautifully simple.”

Jake Holman, Product Management, Zendesk