Meet Samantha O’Hagan: a Customer Support Manager at Resdiary, an online restaurant booking system that works in real time, and provides restaurant reviews from real diners. Resdiary currently helps over 3,000 restaurants manage their tables, and is experiencing a lot of growth. Talking with Sam during our interview was a fantastic experience because she really gets the power of video, and understands how to leverage it. Sam sends out about 10 videos a day using ilos and has been a loyal customer since the early days of ilos.

Let’s take a look at all she does throughout the day, and how we help out:

Location: UK

Current Work: Customer Support & Success Manager

One word that describes how you work: Smarter

Industry: Online Restaurant Software

Work-related applications You can’t live without:

ilos, Slack, Teamviewer, JIRA, & Zendesk

Jira, Slack, Zendesk, ilos, and Team Viewer logos
What does a typical work day look like for you?

I am the Support Manager here, so my day-to-day consists of a lot of emails and phone calls with customers who are having issues with our product, which is an internet site for restaurants that help manage tables. So my day-to-day usually consists of emails and phone calls, along with communication with our development team to make sure bugs are fixed, etc.

With your day-to-day, how does ilos fit in?

It’s kind of funny because ilos is used with all of my customers as well my colleagues. The first is with our developers who basically do the nuts and bolts of the system, and they almost speak a different language from myself, so by using ilos, I can record what the bug is and they can see exactly what I’m on about.

Although they’re in the room next door, its good to have a video replication of the issue so they can then translate it to their language. I also use ilos with my customers to train them on what our system does, and how to do it.

Do your clients like receiving a video in place of text?

Oh yeah, definitely. They prefer the visual guidance. There is nothing more difficult than saying click on this symbol that “looks kind of like a cog”. With ilos, it’s really easy to actually just show them exactly where to click with the video itself.


What “pain-point” does ilos solve for you as a support manager?

Definitely translation. It serves as a visual translator for explaining a process without the person right in front of you; it really bridges the gap between me and the customer.


Did you ever use tools like this before ilos?

We used to use Screenr, but it was not as user-friendly as ilos, and it was difficult to work as a team with it.

Creating and sending a video with ilos easily cuts out a 10-minute phone call that I would have had to take.

 Do you use ilos along with your existing applications?

Yes. When answering support tickets, we place our videos into Zendesk, and when talking to the developers, we place them into Jira. We also post our tutorial videos on the Helpdesk, which is hosted by Zendesk.


At this point, could you live without ilos?

Definitely not, and I’m not just saying that! It is for me a regular day-to-day tool. We try to use it as often as possible to train in our customers and educate them to our software. Creating and sending a video with ilos easily cuts out a 10-minute phone call that I would have had to take. We really rely on ilos for the future. ilos makes my job a lot simpler, and more effective.

How often do you find yourself using ilos?

I usually end up sending around 10 videos out a day with ilos not to mention the 2-3 new videos I record everyday.


What is your favorite ilos feature?

First off, the ability to create GIFs on the fly is amazing. Secondly, I love the fact that after recording a video it automatically prompts me to set the video to be Private, Public or just available within my organization, because I would normally forget to set that! ilos is so straight forward to use.

On behalf of everyone here at ilos, we would like to thank Sam for being such a great customer! Keep rocking the Customer Support at ResDiary!