Sometimes you just need a little visual aid to answer a customer question. That’s what we learned here at ilos, and it’s why we use our own product for our customer support. With such good response, we thought it would be worthwhile to tell you why and how we use screen recording for customer support.

Screen Recording is visual: The biggest problem we noticed answering questions over the phone was that we couldn’t show our clients  exactly what to do. We would say, “Click the settings button” and our clients would ask, “Where is that on my screen?” With a video, there are no mysteries, and you can provide a clear answer right away.  Here is a response to a customer who had a question on password  protection:

Screen recording is fast: Pretend you’re a support rep with Google, and someone asks you how to use Google Voice. You could use typed up instructions, or you could just show them in 15 seconds. Try comparing these two methods and decide for yourself which is easier to understand: 

Here is the Google Help Desk:

screen recording for customer service

Google Help Desk

Here is a screen recording:


Screen recording is reusable: As a support professional, how often do you field the same questions? By making a screen recording, you can then share your video with the next customer that comes around, or better yet share it with your support team so that they can do the same thing. We organize our videos with playlists.

Screen recording empowers the customer: Another option is for the customer to show you exactly the problem they’re encountering. Add a record button right on your support page to give your customer a chance to experience the benefits mentioned above. You’ll be able to answer their questions faster, and they’ll love you for it!

Using screen recording for customer service has made a huge difference in our customer retention and satisfaction. So the next time you can’t explain something, just screencast it. We’re pretty positive it will help you out.