photo by alex vu

I know, the title sounds a bit crazy. But it’s true. If you watch the video and/or read the instructions on this blog post, you can start screen recording in under 3 minutes. Enough talk, let’s get started!

Watch the video below on how to start screen recording:




  1. Google search: “ilos videos
  2. Click on the ilos Videos website
  3. Sign up for a free (basic) ilos account
  4. Download the screen recorder
  5. Launch the screen recorder
  6. Save the video and you’re ready to start screen recording along with sharing and organizing your videos.


What is ilos?

ilos is a cloud-based screen recorder which means that videos won’t fill up your computer and you can easily grab the link to a video and share it in seconds. ilos provides a place for you to record, share, and organize your screen recordings online.

ilos is more than a screen recorder. It’s a new way of communicating that started with Millennials and is now moving into corporate America. We usually explain it like this:

Start screen recording in under 3 minutes

We can help

If you have any issues, we are here to help. Give us a call and we’ll talk things through: (651) 560-6447

If you are looking for a Screenr Alternative after there recent closing, we also have information on that. For more information about ilos please visit our website: ilos Videos