ilos is a group of entrepreneurs and technologists looking to make your day a little easier. Sometimes people try to force technology in places where it doesn’t really fit. Innovating for innovation’s sake isn’t smart, it’s ridiculous. We’re more focused on the problems that you encounter every day and what we can do to help.

It makes sense that our blog would do that too by focusing on the things that we’re good at:

1) Productivity tips: We get a lot done in the course of a day and you can too! This section will focus on how to manage your time and your energy to avoid burnout and just get stuff done

2) Easily Make Videos: How to easily make awesome video content. Does that mean that you need to use ilos Videos all the time? No! You have a toolkit of options at your disposal and they’re geared for different things. We’ll help you sort them out and get some solid content to your audience

3) Changes in IT as we know it: Macro level perspective on IT, its role in business, and its role in everyday life. Should I store things on the cloud? Can I use photomath for my kid’s homework?

Once a month we’ll feature a post from a special guest that hits these points home. If you have an idea for a sweet post let us know at


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