When I tell people that I work at ilos Videos the usual response I get is “Really? Video?” Most people think video’s potential capped a long time ago, sometime between Charlie Chaplin and when Google bought Youtube.

The problem with video is that it’s only as good as the message you’re communicating, but here are a few tips to bring out the best of your content.

Use video where it counts: Making a video in areas where you need a more personal touch won’t do it, and using video when you should have just sent a text isn’t helping. When should we use video?

Answer: When using video ask yourself: Is my message visual? If you’re showing an action, narrating a process, telling an intricate story, then video can get you where you need to go. If not you’re basically recording the paint dry

Keep it moving: Video should be all about your viewer. What are the things that bother you when you watch a video training? What are the things that you like about the new Avengers trailer?

Answer: Keep things moving as much as you can. If you do have to spend a long time in a particular area use chapters to break it up into more manageable parts. You wouldn’t expect someone to sit through a 4 hour movie, never mind a 4 hour video training.

Share the right way: How you get your content to the people who need it matters. Maybe we should use Wistia to put a marketing video into our website. We can also embed a video into a blog or send of a link via email. When should we use what?

Answer: Use an embedded video when your users actively visit a page consistently. Otherwise avoid it. No one likes having to go out of their way to find a single video. Links are great for content that users only need once (dog vs cat videos, setting up direct deposit etc.)

Video is a viewer driven medium. Keep that in mind when making content, and your viewers will thank you for it.