A few weeks ago, I visited the University of St. Thomas’s Opus School of Business to talk with  faculty about ilos and technology in the classroom. Just about every faculty/staff I talked to was passionate about engaging technology in the classroom, but before using ilos, were struggling to find something that was simple to use and engaged their students the most effective way.

The integration of technology in the classroom has been a hot topic since I can remember being in school, from Elementary to University. At my alma mater, Benedictine College, in the newest academic building, Ferrell Hall, there are smart boards in every classroom. During my whole career there, a very small percentage of professors actually put it to use.  It is crazy to think about how much money is invested in technology that is rarely used. It’s not about finding the newest tools, but finding the ones that actually works. Tools should not become an obstacles.  They were made to help.

Professors use ilos to supplement their bended (online and in-class) classes, by sending lectures, feedback on papers, and discussions with video to their students. Before the idea of video, documenting technical processes, and educating other faculty on new software or trouble shooting was cumbersome. But since ilos, the process has been simplified and streamlined. Here is a short video on the best practices at UST.



UST Currently uses ilos for:

  • Classroom supplement for Blended Classes
  • Feedback on paper’s and projects
  • Additional lecture material
  • Recording Webinars
  • Software tutorials for faculty

It was evident that the professors at St. Thomas deeply cared about their students. They wanted the best for them no matter what. Seeing the impact that ilos has had on the classroom was refreshing. Everyday we see more and more professors signing up for ilos. All in all, I am grateful for the opportunity to talk to such awesome professors and to see our product helping such a beautiful school.