We all wear a lot of different hats around here, as a result, the best time for me to tell someone my thoughts, isn’t always the best time for them to listen. With this, we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle. One of my many hats is managing the ad creative for ilos. This includes coming up with strategy for copy and distribution, but certainly not the design work (that would be silly of me). So, what do I do when we need to make changes, but our design magician, Molly, is neck-deep in another project, or out of the office for the day? I make a screen recording.

Screen recording- let’s walk through it.

It’s quite simple, really. I have the design and copy on the screen, and walk through any changes I’ve made as if Molly is right there with me. I show what I’ve done, and talk through recommendations I might have for design alterations based on my how the copy fits with the visual. All the while, the recorder has been running in the background. When I’m done, the video is ready to send off.

It can be a little bit daunting, at first, thinking of yourself as the center of attention in a video. What eases my mind, though, is the way I use it. When you break it down to it’s most basic, I’m essentially just talking to Molly as if she’s right there with me, but a screen recorder is doing the listening so that she doesn’t have to be in the same place as me to hear what I’m thinking.

I’ve been using Video Bookmarks

Okay, so far all I’ve done is given you a breakdown of what ilos does. What I’ve really been geeking on, though, is our bookmarks feature (a better implementation of companion instructions, if you’ve used those before). Imagine, now, that my video for Molly has a lot of different sections in it. A section could be one of the new changes I’m recommending, a request for a new project, etc. Once she watches the video through, she’ll likely want to go back and watch it again when she starts working on it. Rather than making her skip through my video to find what’s relevant, I can add bookmarks to different sections that she can click on to take her to what she needs to know. Take a look at the example below:


Screen recording without bookmarks

Watching a video in the traditional fashion – have fun skipping through to the part you want to see.


Screen recording with bookmarks

Notice the turquoise Bookmarks in the left column. Just click on one to go to that part of the video.


Here, I’ll show you.

What’s even better, is that our fantastic development team has made this exceptionally easy to do. Like, really easy. All I have to do is press a button when I’m watching the video I’ve made, type out a title for the bookmark, and go on my merry way. Here, I’ll show you, and if this suits your needs, I think you’ll find it pretty amazing, too. Check it out:


Thumbnail for walk-through