Most of us know Microsoft Silverlight as the thing that allows us to watch Netflix. Java is the thing that allows us to run a lot of browser-based programs; the old version of our screen recorder, for instance. Neither one of them seemed like a big deal to most people until this week when they both stopped working in Google Chrome. Since you might be getting frustrated trying to figure out why your favorite program isn’t working, I’ll dive in and answer a couple of questions:

1) What’s going on? (aka Why is Java not working?)


2) What can I do about it?


1) Why is Java not working? (or Silverlight, for that matter?)

Google Chrome has been working hard to phase out old NPAPI plugins (Silverlight, Java, and other plugins like them). They made an announcement back in 2013 that they wouldn’t be supporting this 90’s era architecture in the coming years. Now, in 2015 the latest update of Chrome (Chrome 42) doesn’t support it, by default.


2) How can I get it back, to keep streaming?

For now, you can enable Java and Silver light in Chrome by enabling NPAPI through Google via chrome://flags/#enable-npapi.

Here’s how:

(Video URL from above:

This method will allow you to continue using Java and Silverlight media until September of this year. At that point you’ll have to watch NPAPI ride off into the sunset with everyone else. You can also switch browsers (for now).