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ilos is built for productivity without sacrificing power

 Unlimited recording & storage

Record as much as you want for as long as you want. Your videos won't fill up your computer because everything is stored on the cloud.

 Say goodbye to legacy technology

Other screen recorders use legacy technology like Java or Flash. These have limitations that make screen recording difficult, if not impossible.

 Sharing made easy

ilos takes the sharing process and streamlines it into a couple of clicks. Easily share and embed videos and gifs.

 Editing tools that matter

Whether it's blurring info on a video or just trimming it, we've provided the editing tools that you need for quick content creation.

 Recording API

ilos has an advanced screen recording API. We’ve put all the recording and streaming tools you need inside one app that can integrate anywhere.


We use the bcrypt hashing algorithm to secure passwords, and all traffic through ilos is encrypted with 128 bit AES GCM with RSA key exchange.


I didn’t realize how inefficient our method of answering support tickets was until we started using ilos. Videos are easy to create and our clients love them!

Dan Moshe,
CEO at Tech Guru

How it works


Recording a video with the ilos screen recorder is fast and simple. You can run the recorder from your browser or desktop. Select a custom area or your full screen, turn your microphone on or off and click record. Download videos to your computer, or share them with a link. You can access all the videos you create from your ilos account.

Unlimited Recording

Unlike other recorders, there’s no limit on the length of your recording. ilos saves your video as an MP4 file, making it a far more manageable file size. It also instantly uploads your video to your unlimited, private cloud storage.

Essential Editing Tools

ilos provides the editing tools you need to create to-the-point and engaging videos. Trim unwanted sections of your video, and blur out confidential information. Make your videos even more appealing with background music.

Integrations API

ilos provides the most powerful screen recorder integration API in the marketplace today. Simply place the record button within your existing application. Once you have finished recording or uploading, we'll send back an iframe with your new video.

 No hassle sharing

With ilos’ integrated cloud storage, you can easily share videos you’ve made while maintaining direct control over who can view them. Set permissions to public/private or simply set a password for your video. With ilos, you’re in control.

Grab the Link and Go

Sharing with ilos couldn't be more simple. Just grab the link and share it. You can set custom permissions and track who is viewing it. You can also embed your videos.

Stream Anywhere

ilos saves your video files in MP4 format and streams them as HTML5 videos. That means your videos can be played on any device, and they buffer quickly in low bandwidth areas.

Video Analytics

Get detailed metrics on how your videos are doing over time. See how many times your videos have been played and who has viewed them.

 Unlimited video and storage

Unlike other screen recorders, ilos gives you access to unlimited cloud storage for your videos. Your videos won’t fill up your computer, and you can access them anywhere.

Cloud Storage

Unlimited recording duration. Unlimited video storage. Video files don’t fill up your computer, and since we host them on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about how to share a clunky file.


The security of your videos can be fine-tuned to fit your needs. Each video can be given custom permissions to enable or disable link sharing, downloading, and expiration.

ilos, more than a screen recorder

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